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Smart Leadership

Have you ever wondered what it would take to be a better leader, achieve your wildest dreams, or make a bigger difference in the world? The answer lies in the choices you make: about everything from how you spend your time to the way you view the world. For the last twenty years, my team and I have been talking to leaders. We have interviewed hundreds of them. In addition, we have surveyed thousands of leaders and individual contributors, invested untold hours on desk research, and conducted multiple in-field validation studies. We have heard about successes, failures, and missed opportunities, along with the collective wisdom of some very smart professionals and legendary consultants. All of this has been combined to create Smart Leadership – a tapestry of insight, inspiration, and action every leader (YOU!) can use to scale his or her impact. Escape the mediocrity that ensnares so many in business and become a better, more effective leader today!

$ 28.00 USD
“This is Mark’s 10th leadership book, and his best one to date. Full of wisdom and research-backed information every leader needs to know!”

In Smart Leadership, I share the four research-based “smart choices” the best leaders make to scale their influence and results. 

By teaching you how to Confront Reality, Grow Capacity, Fuel Curiosity, and Create Change, you will discover how to:

    Bring fresh eyes and fresh thinking to your leadership approach.

    Increase your confidence in your ability to make a difference.

    Lead at levels you never thought possible.

    Accelerate your learning curve so that all these benefits come faster and more naturally. 

With Smart Leadership as your guide, your leadership—and your life—will be transformed forever.

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